Our Anti-Wrinkle treatments are used to prevent the ageing process.

As we age we lose the natural elasticity of the skin. We stop producing collagen and lack of elasticity starts to lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkle relaxing Injections

Wrinkle relaxing treatment is used to prevent the ageing process by reducing the prominence of fine lines and wrinkles.It achieves this by blocking the release of acetylcholine, which prevents the communication between the nerve impulse and the muscle, thus not allowing the muscles injected to contract.  This reduction in muscular movement leads to smoother skin and a more youthful and radiant look.

When to consider?

The best time to consider having wrinkle relaxing treatment is when animating lines start to appear at rest.
Often this is between the ages of 30-40 years but this may vary from person to person.  Treatment can be carried out on a much older ageing face, however results will often be more subtle.

Wrinkle relaxing treatments are one of the fastest working, safe and effective non-surgical, anti-ageing treatments available.  Treatment starts to take effect around 4-7 days post injection and can take up to 3 weeks to reach its full potential. Effects last for up to 4 months but again this may vary depending on lifestyle factors and age.


At Susan Kitchen Aesthetics, we recommend a review at approximately 2-3 weeks so that we can perfect results and ensure that client expectations are met.  Susan is an independent qualified nurse prescriber and recognises that a full analysis of a patients maturing process and history taking is paramount.

Wrinkle relaxing injections can often work well in conjunction with dermal fillers. Often these treatments can complement one another, giving a natural, improved and youthful result and refreshed appearance.

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Treatment areas include:

  • Frown lines – between the brows
  • Forehead – above the brows
  • Chin – to relax and improve appearance of the skin
  • Necklines – vertical platysmal lines
  • Excessive sweating – under the armpits
  • Crow’s feet – around the eyes
  • Bunny lines – on the bridge of the nose
Wrinkle Relaxing Injections FAQs
What is wrinkle relaxing treatment?

Wrinkle relaxing treatment works by blocking Acetylcholine binding on to the receptor site, which in turn stops the contraction of the treated muscle.  As the muscle is relaxed this prevents the skin from creasing over the muscle leading to lines and wrinkles.

How long does treatment last?

Treatment lasts for at least 3 months, but some clients get longer out of treatment depending on lifestyle factors e.g. sun exposure, exercise, metabolic rate.

Where can wrinkle relaxing injections treat?

The main areas that can be treated include:
Frown lines
Forehead lines
Crow’s feet
Bunny lines

What should I do after treatment?

It is recommended that clients do not apply make up for the rest of the day following treatment.

No heavy exercise for 24 hours and no heat treatments including sun beds, saunas steam rooms or facials for at least 24 hours as the treatment may potentially be distributed to undesirable areas.

Normal skin care routine can resume the same day following treatment.

When should I start having treatment?

Age varies from person to person but for those who are considering having treatment, it is recommended that when animating lines start to appear at rest is a good time to start.  This usually appears when you are in your mid 30’s, however this may differ from person to person depending on age and lifestyle factors.

When lines become deeper desired outcomes are not as good.